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I allow myself to connect. To return to the arms of the Mother.__To allow this planet to be my home during this incarnation.__I surrender and allow myself to be.

Awakening to Your Multidimensionality

Each aspect of your Higher Self is itself an aspect of your multidimensionality. Your soul in multidimensionality continually visits your physical body until you can house it in your body forever. The soul speaks to us in many voices, including thoughts, symbols, and dreams. In these moments the light is relocating inside each one of us in space-time. It is asking us for care, rest, and simplicity so that it can finally have space within us. It invites us to cross this period of the shadow, to see if we still respond to it, if we still enter it. It shakes us, it hurts us, so that we can transform our shadow into something more harmonious. The more physical experiences we build, the more our consciousness opens and restores our molecular structure of DNA, the blue diamond crystalline light.


Navigating Ascension and Embracing Your Divine Nature

The soul knows and acknowledges its galactic contract, and in this time of ascension, it frees us from the karmic knots and choices that separate us from it. When the soul is merged with the physical, the power in us can offer unconditional love to others. The crystalline frequency that we offer is in the form of sound and vibration. It is time to leave judgment behind so that we can activate our mission with the planet in which each being can be the same. Ascension is learning to love and revere all creation, all while respecting the free will of the soul, in this way the soul is becoming conscious of its own self through its own journey and evolution. As your consciousness expands so does the plasma light expand in the universe. And thus, we can integrate more aspects of our soul in the physical body.

These ascension days on planet Earth-Tara were designed to awaken us to who we really are, to remember our divinity, and our true nature. It is time to express our light, as well as our anguishes and our fears, so that we can finally anchor peace, love, and freedom on planet Earth.

Share with me below. What are the ways in with you have been awakening to your multidimensionality and navigating this ascension process?

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