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Dayana has a contagious smile and is a joy to be around. She is intuitive and connects extremely well with her clients. She is so easy to talk and relate to and knows so much. Her knowledge and spiritual being are simply amazing!! I encourage anyone looking for her services to contact her, you will be thrilled you did. I can't wait to see her again. She is simply an incredible person.

- Lisa R.

Dayana supports you in improving your life substantially, she helps you in moving through obstacles and making peace with your past by connecting you to the parts of yourself where healing takes place. She is a Master in her field. Not only does she help her clients to live more balanced lives but she embodies the very essence of a healer in the way she lives and moves through the world.

- Samantha S..

WOW! This was a wonderful experience of energy healing from a compassionate person. Dayana is quite an amazing person and leads her life with a true desire to help others. Everything she does is for the betterment of humanity and wanting others to be the best they can be. She has a great capacity for listening to get to the root of the issues and then help heal; both physically & emotionally. I highly recommend her service of being a theta healer.

- Debi M.

I had a marvelous experience with Theta Healing. Dayana knows how to lead and get to the roots of issues when needed. She’s passionate and knowledgeable about her work, I truly recommend her.

- Andreia F.

My experience with Dayana was simply amazing! Being driven mostly by curiosity, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from my session, but was pleasantly surprised. Dayana leads with comfortable conversation and soon we dove in to the conflict areas of my life. She is highly intuitive and I was impressed with how much she picked up about me simply from sitting together and talking. The energy work was very calming and relaxing. I felt lighter and extremely optimistic by the time we finished the session. I certainly look forward to future sessions.

- Carlos N.

Dayana is compassionate and focuses on helping you locate your real underlying beliefs. She is a skilled ThetaHealer, a conduit for clearing and replacing the programs that are no longer needed, all done with the help of creator for your highest and best good. She will listen with her heart, for the benefit of yours.

- Cheryl F.

Dayana is a brilliant practitioner of the healing arts. She is a consummate professional that understands her craft well. She is intelligent, informed and compassionate. Her infectious smile and positive attitude/energy is transformative. I am licensed psychotherapist in private practice and I find Dayana’s work to be essential to my ongoing healing and wellness and also for my clients.

- Greg F.

I highly recommend Dayana and the work that she does. I had never done a Theta session before and was blown-away by it! Dayana is loving, caring, and compassionate and that comes through in her work and in her healings. I am very happy that I was able to experience the gifts that Dayana brings.

- Matt A.

This wise young lady is an amazing healer with such a great and positive energy. She always treats her clients with respect, love and compassion. I recommend Dayana to anyone that is looking for an alternative holistic solution for the daily stress, illness or any kind of disease. She is a wonderful and transparent person to trust; and she openly shares her knowledge and empowers you. I love Dayana and I love what she does for the humanity.

- Angeles T.

Celestial Elevation Health & Wellness helped me not only understand more about my own problems I was dealing with but also about how set beliefs in my life were creating situations which I didn't want. After the session I felt much more at peace and relaxed, ready to start a new day and leave the past where it belongs, in the past. Thank you again!

- Alex W.

My self-confidence is not only back but higher than it’s ever been. I had several limiting beliefs about myself that I knew logically were unfounded but were still blocking me from achieving goals I wanted and I wasn’t taking risks due to fear of failure. Dayana tapped into my subconscious and healed me of my limiting beliefs caused by past experiences and instilled a positive mindset. You don’t have to understand how her methods work, you just have to have an open mind and trust that you’re in good hands and be honest about what is holding you back and what you want. Energy healing is the real deal and Dayana leads you through the process in a compassionate way.

- Tommy N.

Dayana is a true gift to the world in every aspect. I truly feel like God sent her to me at the exact moment I needed her. Suffering for so many years with no answers or misdiagnosis, she has helped me heal layers of trauma and gave me the strength I needed to push forward and pursue my dreams. I’ve debated making a change into holistic healing myself but had been met with so much skepticism and Negativity in the past. After working with her and experiencing such incredibly powerful results firsthand, I now know it’s my true purpose in life and I cannot wait to learn from her and be able to share this gift of healing with others. Dayana, you truly are my angel, and I feel very blessed to also have you as a friend.

- Jennifer D.