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Energy Healing Work, Aura Chakra Cleansing, Celestial Elevatio, Crystal Sound Healing, Psychic Akashic Reading, Naples FL, Fort Myers FL, Dayana Infante, Theta Healing, Reiki, Coaching, Space clearing, Anxiety Relief, Stress Free, Healing, Healer, Psychic, Holistic

A dynamic and transformational experience in which we collaborate, connect and create movement, change, and healing on a physical, mental, ancestral, and soul level. Each session is tailored to meet the client's specific needs depending on your situation. We identify and change core beliefs so that you can make changes on a truly foundational level. We clear energetic blocks and cleanse the chakras and aura from any negativity and stagnant energy.  If the person is open, divine guidance will come through during the energy work portion of the session. You will be sealed and protected in the creator’s light so that this divine energy continues to stay in your field even after your session is complete. This session includes cord cuttings and karmic vow removal if needed. It does not include curse or entity removal, but those can be added on at checkout.

Identify and change core beliefs so that you can change your life. Want to know why affirmations do not always work? Because they ignore the root cause: our belief system. Your thoughts do not create your reality, your beliefs do. Our conscious mind is constantly fighting against our subconscious self, and 99% of the time the unconscious wins. Clear limiting beliefs, negative patterns, and remove blocks and fears. You can shift your beliefs by changing your current level of consciousness through altered states of being. Clear undesired, repeating patterns and shift your life in a new direction. These key transformations will help you develop spiritual intelligence so you can enjoy success, happiness, and freedom in all areas of your life. Live a life where all elements of your being are thriving, live uncompromisingly by changing your core programming.

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Remove blocks, confusion, static electricity, electro-magnetic radiation, and other unwanted energies from your energy field. Increase vital energy flow to all major organs and the endocrine glands. Restore your natural sense of well-being and emotional balance. Energy works help shift your mindset, manage stress and your emotions, as well as become more resilient, adaptable, and positive with a calm, clear mind. (BOOK 4 OR MORE and save $25 per session).

A profound and transformative healing experience. This therapy pairs the free association of the unconscious mind with a high degree of emotionality to bring resolution to your past. It is recommended for anyone with unresolved issues and trauma. By reliving the origins of unresolved traumatic episodes that have generated current internal imbalances, we can become aware of them, identify survival patterns that were created, and resolve them. Because this therapy is done using a slightly altered state of consciousness (Theta brainwaves) it has been extremely useful in helping patients understand and work through the root origins of trauma in this life and past lives. During this journey you are open to a higher state of awareness which gives you an opportunity to connect with your soul and heal once and for all.  The technique is truly magical, as many people report witnessing the past changing their future.

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Soul Activations...

Rainbow Light Activation.jpg

Rainbow light activates your own light frequency and vibrationally triggers your energy field to connect with the cosmos. It aligns you with higher truth, higher wisdom and the experience of walking the higher path towards enlightenment and ascension. The light codes create balance within the human brain and higher heart chakra. In a rainbow light activation, we work at a cellular level activating the sacred geometrical crystals encoded deep within your cells. This activation is encouraged for those that are seeking higher consciousness. If you have not had energy healing before, it is recommended that an energy healing session be scheduled prior to a Rainbow Light Activation so that you can be ready to hold this elevated frequency.


  • Greatly increases peace of mind and stimulates your natural well-being

  • Elevated feelings of bliss, joy and/or euphoria

  • Promotes natural healing in the body

  • Provides a higher state of awareness

  • Activates dormant codes held within your cells 

  • Initiation of the Higher Heart Chakra and 5D consciousness 

  • Boosts all of your chakras and turns on your light body

This very special celestial activation works with the Heavenly Angels specifically the Oraphim (Ophanim) but also the Seraphim, Cherubim, Elohim and Chayot HA KO Desh.


The Oraphim represents the ATOM (Adom) which is the basis for all matter. It works with the white flame of ULTIMATE AND ABSOLUTE TRUTH to organically burn away those parts of ourselves which we no longer wish to attach to but cannot seem to get away from. It opens a spiritual birth to the Eternal Self and corrects the ratios of your spinning Merkabah fields to the corrected Blueprint in your Lightbody. This activation also anchors in the Sword of Truth piercing in directly through the top of the head, down the throat and down the spine, landing adjacent to the shoulders and anchoring in the heart.


While Humanity has been working with the triple flame of Love, Power and Wisdom for many years. This unique, sacred flame is just now becoming available to us on Earth and activates and anchors ABSOLUTE TRUTH from GOD-SOURCE. It dissolves anything that is outside of the vibration of the ultimate-absolute truth, releasing anything in your energetic signature that is outside of natural law and true-divine organic creational mechanics.

Light Language Activation (6).webp

Light Language is a purely vibrational frequency. It is the translation of light into sound frequency and so it is a universal communicator of consciousness that is connected to all that is, ever was and ever will be in existence. This technique bypasses the logical part of the brain and uses a more intuitive form of interaction that dates back to the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. The pulsations interact directly with the cells in the body to break open and reveal hidden information. It is truly remarkable in aligning individuals to their soul mission. It embarks the person on an experience of self discovery while allowing the soul to take oneself on a journey to accessing the most sacred parts of the self and reach true authenticity. It is the remembrance of who you really are and activates your true soul essence. (Book 4 or more and save).


Energy Healing Work, Aura Chakra Cleansing, Celestial Elevatio, Crystal Sound Healing, Psychic Akashic Reading, Naples FL, Fort Myers FL, Dayana Infante, Theta Healing, Reiki, Coaching, Space clearing, Anxiety Relief, Stress Free, Healing, Healer, Psychic, Holistic

Working with the Akashic Records, you have access to your soul’s experiences - past, present, and future. Access your soul’s journey, purpose, and look into your past lives. Learn more about why your soul chose to incarnate in this life and empower yourself with the lessons you have learned through many lifetimes and reincarnations. The Akashic Records also opens a direct communication to your Soul Guides, so you ask for guidance and make choices aligned for your highest best and good. Healing can also be requested in the Akash through your Guides.

Akashic Readings are done by Candi.

Esoteric Healings...

Energy Healing Work, Aura Chakra Cleansing, Celestial Elevatio, Crystal Sound Healing, Psychic Akashic Reading, Naples FL, Fort Myers FL, Dayana Infante, Theta Healing, Reiki, Coaching, Space clearing, Anxiety Relief, Stress Free, Healing, Healer, Psychic, Holistic

Cord Cutting is a useful form of energetic cleansing used to help sever unhealthy attachments between you and another person. Energetic cords can be thought of as energetic tubes connecting us to other people. We can feel depleted for no reason if energy is flowing away from us, or we can feel the energy that is not ours if the cord if we are feeding on others. Cutting ties can help you separate from toxic people and experiences, without directing harm at anyone. The cutting releases ties with people, places, or things that no longer serve you. This is extremely beneficial after breakups but can also be used with anyone we have a strong emotional attachment to (such as a parent, child, spouse/partner, boss, etc.) as well as with addictions, fears, and even trauma.

If you feel like no matter what you do you can’t gain freedom around certain areas of your life, you might have taken a past life vow. Release old blocks, shame, guilt and fear by releasing past life vows regarding poverty, chastity, celibacy, self-sacrifice/punishment, suffering, and obedience. Working with your free will, the divine presence I AM and the CREATOR of all that is we annul past life vows and transform them into freedom and plenitude.

Past Life Vows.jpg
FEATHER (1).jpg

Curse removal is a specialized process that aims to eliminate harmful energies, curses, hexes, black magic and spells that might be affecting your life. These negative influences can cause a variety of issues and complications in life, from persistent misfortune and bad luck to emotional and physical distress. Manifestations of such energies include continuous bad luck, the evil eye, financial troubles, relationship difficulties, persistent negative thoughts and physical ailments. They are often identified by a string of unfortunate events ranging from several months to several years. By removing and neutralizing these negative influences, we can restore balance back to your energy field. We then seal your energy with protective white light, inform and empower you to regain control of your life and maintain your wellbeing.

A dark entity, often referred to as a malevolent or negative spirit, is a type of non-physical or discarnate being that interacts with the physical world (especially humans and animals) in harmful ways. These can range from ghosts to astral parasites and even evil spirits.  When there is a weak energy field, the aura can become damaged with holes, tears and leaks. This opens space for lower vibrational beings to enter and attach to the body of a human or pet-animal. Anytime we experience intense emotions such as anger/rage, grief, terror/panic or fear, we lower our vibration and make tiny rips in our energy field. Anytime a person engages in the use of alcohol, drugs (recreational or plant medicine), tobacco, pornography, gambling, participates in casual sex or is repeatedly involved in poor decision making, their energy shield is weakened, and they draw to them entity attachments. Common signs of an attachment include: deep depression, extreme negativity, disturbed thoughts, bad dreams or nightmares, suicidal tendencies, intense anxiety, uncontrolled cravings, severe mood swings, a tendency for self-inflicted harm, violent behavior and unconstrained temper, chronic fatigue/illness, multiple personalities and/or irrational thinking and even possible criminal behavior. Attachments also increase the likelihood that a person will engage in these behaviors. During this clearing we remove any entity and send it back to Source Light. The person’s aura is then sealed and protected in the creator’s divine light. We also inform and empower you with techniques to shield yourself in the future.

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Space Clearing...

Space Clearing.jpg

Clear stagnant energies from your home or business. Revitalize the space and allow for the flow of clear, vibrant energy in your home and workplace. This type of clearing clears mental and emotional traffic in the place in that time and will restore the vital life force running through the space. This is essential to the energetic maintenance of a place, and it is recommended that it be done every 6-12 months, or after any negative traumatic experience such as death, disease, or breakups. Call for a quote on spaces larger than 2,500 sq. ft.



Our Spiritual Coaching service offers personalized guidance to foster your journey of self-discovery, growth, and enlightenment. Tailored to individuals at any stage of their spiritual path, our coaching helps you deepen your connection, understand your life's purpose, and achieve higher consciousness. Each session is customized to your personal goals, incorporating mindfulness and meditation techniques, energy work, and expert guidance on spiritual practices. This holistic approach not only enhances self-awareness and emotional clarity but also promotes profound spiritual growth within a supportive community. Whether you are beginning your spiritual journey or seeking to deepen your practices, our Spiritual Coaching provides the tools and insights necessary for transformative development.

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