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Updated: Jun 18

Dive into the significance of spherical crystals and how their shape embodies perfection and unity. Discover how these crystals act as potent energy conductors, radiating energy in all directions, and symbolizing wholeness and cyclical energies.

The 2024 Taurus Gateway is saying it’s time to move up a level. You may have experienced some setbacks or felt low recently, it's been an intense month since the portal that was opened through the eclipse window the past month. Now is the time to get to work and get ready to fly high. You have the opportunity to light up like never before. Everything in the entire universe is comprised of energy, and that energy vibrates, drawing toward it similar energy. So, raising your vibration means aligning yourself with situations, people, places, and choices that you know will lift you up, support you, and help you grow. This summer will be a time for overcoming darkness, a portal is open through the end of the year. As we move through the eye of the needle, a time of new opportunity awaits on the other side. The choice is yours. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes or a bird spreading its wings on the edge of the cliff, you too can fly, you too can be reborn. Heaviness, tiredness, emotions can show up at this time. Ask for support from your angels, guides and ancestors, they are standing by waiting to hold you in their wings.

beautiful starseed with wings

Source Message: This is a time to cherish. You are ascending spiritually and personally at this time, and the universe is supporting you. This is the pathway of light, the pathway of your soul’s evolution: ascension.

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