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Whisper I love You mom and daughter

The act of saying I Love You is powerful and releases a light energy from the heart, which reaches the cosmos and back. When it comes back, it returns even more charged multiplied with even more light and love energy.

When lovers pronounce the words, I Love You, they feel whole, complete, solid, secure, and this is when that magical feeling comes to them.

When we use the words I Love You, everything flows, and we awaken within us the ability to create and co-create with the Universe.

i love you pastel pink purple

The words I Love You are all powerful. They heal. They save.

When we put into practice saying I Love You, it returns to us multiplied.

Tell everyone and everything. Love creates more Love.

We are a reflection of our environment, of everything that inhabits it and of the words we speak into existence.

Jesus said it and repeated it many times, love each other.

Only from Love will man be saved.

Let's start with ourselves; step by step, little by little, until breaking with the taboos and implanted programming.

Let's love each other without boundaries, without pretense. Just put out love, love and more Love.

Let us love each other from the universal and unconditional Love that is our essence and is the most effective and legitimate tool.

Love heals, cleanses, and frees us from all evil and all disease.

Love connects us with creation, with the universe, with ourselves, with each other, with the animals, with nature and with everything and everyone around us.

Love is the highest vibration that we can reach.


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