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Let's discuss self-esteem vs. self worth, as these two terms often get confused. While they may appear synonymous, a closer examination reveals distinct differences. Let's delve into the intricacies of self-esteem versus self-worth, unraveling their unique meanings and implications.

Self-esteem encompasses our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about ourselves, while self-worth transcends those perceptions, acknowledging a deeper truth: our inherent value surpasses any specific attributes or accomplishments. It's the profound recognition that we are intrinsically valuable, lovable, indispensable to life, and priceless beyond measure. Merely having high self-esteem, which might entail feeling proficient in certain areas, doesn't guarantee a genuine sense of being lovable or worthy. True self-esteem relies on a foundation of self-worth.

self love an appreciation for one's own self worth

When we concentrate solely on enhancing self-esteem, our efforts often revolve around improving skills, appearance, or mindset—a commendable pursuit. However, when we tether our entire sense of worth to these external factors, we become vulnerable. What occurs when these facets change or falter? Our perceived value crumbles in tandem. I've witnessed countless individuals ensnared in this cycle, where setbacks lead to a profound sense of worthlessness. Yet, this is the gravest falsehood we can embrace. Solely fixating on boosting self-esteem inadvertently perpetuates this deception. Conversely, embracing our inherent worth, irrespective of our achievements or failures, provides an unshakeable anchor. Even amid failure's sting, possessing self-worth ensures we recognize our enduring value, competence, and innate goodness.

know your worth then add tax

The dangerous thing about not knowing your value is you give people the power to set your price. Know your worth.

Some people are assets, some people are liabilities. Know the difference. Invest in the people that care for you. The ones who check on you often, the ones who watch out for you and the ones that want the very best for you. Don't let them go, keep them close.

Self-love is the new relationship status. The only person that will be with you your whole life, will be you. Love yourself, nurture yourself, honor yourself and live proud of who you are.

this chapter in my life is called knowing my worth and acting accordingly


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