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Updated: May 14

emerald heart of Mother Earth
Open your heart to aligning with the Emerald Heart

Close your eyes, breathe and repeat the following activation whether in your mind's eye or out loud.

I allow myself to connect.

To return to the arms of the Mother.

To allow this planet to be my home during this incarnation.

I surrender and allow myself to be.

green earth

When you consciously connect with the Earth and the cosmos, a veil is lifted and it opens you up to receive more fully. You are able to be held, to fly, to drink from the sweet waters, and to be fully supported in your light-work and soul mission. Stagnant energy falls away and you become connected to all things on the planet, so you become a magnet for what you desire. When you properly connect, you activate your electromagnetic pulse and something begins to flow and come alive, as it does, each of your cells become full of life and you start to flow with the natural rhythm of life.

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